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from 8,500 JPY to 11,000 JPY

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  • VIXEN Normal size

    11,000 JPY

  • VIXEN Small size

    8,500 JPY

CUSTOM COLOR ORDER [VIXEN] ご希望のカラーをセレクトできるオーダーとなります。 製作期間は1〜2週間程となります。 オーダーフォームにご入力頂き、下記アドレスまでご送信下さい。 [email protected] Model : VIXEN Body col (cordura) : Flap col (cordura) : Trim col (trim tape) : Lining col (PVC) : Reflect tape : Label col : お名前: 郵便番号: ご住所: 電話番号: E mail : 備考: Custom order of your favorite color. we accept any of your color choice for your original bag. please fill out your information to our order form, It takes 1-2weeks estimate to be finished after we confirmed your request. Model : VIXEN Flap col (cordura): Trim col (trim tape): Lining col (PVC): Reflect tape: Label col: Name: Country: Postal code: Address: Phone number: E mail: [email protected]

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